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The story of Carmen may be one of the best examples of adaptation, proving that they can be both positive, and extremely negative.
It started as a novel, then to an opera and an opera and melodrama, an abstract melodrama with a tribute to small movies, and an MTV special full of rap and drama.

The time of production and its correlation to movie content.
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Carmen Jones 1954

With Carmen Jones appearing during the start of the civil rights movement with an all black cast the movie generated, and still generates negative and positive critique. Carmen Jones seemed to be a part of the thirties and forties all black movies with a logic of segregation and racism. Giving Carmen the last name Jones also sparked controversy, but the most came with the 2 main actors Harry Belafonte ... Joe. Dorothy Dandridge ... Carmen Jones when they opened their mouth to sing and a white opera man and womens voice was expelled. And with the change of the bull fighter Escamillo now being a boxer names husky miller, also represented African American culture and the time.
"Beat out dat rhythm of the drum"
Pearl Baileys own voice was used for Beat out dat rhythym of the drum which can be viewed here.
This scene says so much in the 3 minute time she sings, her attire is different from carmens with shades of pink, blue and big earings and bangles ]like the natives that she sings about and the use of the word "dat" can't be ignored.

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Prenom Carmen 1983
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Prenom carmen was directed Jean-Luc Godard, and unlike Carmen Jones, the actors used were not well known actors at the time. Prenom carmen was not a movie Godard intended to be easy to understand, but an abstract dedication to small films that were no longer being made and taken over by big motion films of the 80's. Prenom Carmen depicted nudity, rage, and music that had Beethoven, a Tom Waits song and the operas original music. Part of the plot itself was Carmens desire to make her own small film.

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Carmen a Hip-Hopera
It is safe to say this adaptation of Carmen was the most far fetched and different from the rest. Carmen a Hip Hopera had many well known actors and rappers in the film. At the time the film was made Beyonce was a well known singer from the group Destinys child, Mehki Phifer was an upcoming actor that had been a few movies before this, and the supporting actors like lil bow wow were also known faces with pop culture at the time. MTV released the film in 2001 and at this time if MTV had released an opera it wouldn't of grasped the attention of the viewers that MTV has. The film may, of been one just made to shed attention on the actresses, actors, of the film and boost their careers as singers and actors.